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Centre Yeredon (ENG: The Yeredon Center) is an Arts and Culture Center located in the Doumanzana neighborhood of Bamako, Mali, dedicated to preserving Malian traditional arts and culture. Founded in 2001, Centre Yeredon is run by Seydou Coulibaly, a renowned Malian dancer, and Michelle Bach-Coulibaly, professor of Mande Dance, Music, and Culture at Brown University. An all-inclusive summer program is offered every year, and individual classes and programs can be designed to fit any visitor's interests.

The Yeredon Center continues to offer new and exciting programming as a model-school for international exchange and research on art and social service projects. It currently supports researchers from all over the world to come and utilize the library and facilities while in the country. We continue our work with a community youth dance and musical troupe, Troupe Yeredon, and their public service film making initiatives.


Our mission at the Yeredon Center remains focused upon cultural preservation projects by supporting Malian artists in micro-financing projects, by documenting rural village ceremonies that are disappearing from the cultural patrimony, and by engaging communities in sustainable education and public healthcare programs on malnutrition prevention, farming and water-well projects in the rural village of Jinijela, and community art projects on malaria prevention. The library at the Yeredon Centre continues to be upgraded in its collection of books on Mande culture in French, English and Bambara on Contemporary African Art, Dance, Textiles, Society, and Music. Documentary Films are currently being made of the youth groups who reside and train at the Yeredon Center. These films keep the research going and inform us of the most recent developments in Contemporary Mande Dance and Music. We are currently in the process of digitizing and editing over 30 years of footage taken during the past twenty-five years in Mali.