w/ Garza (subbing for Steven)

Saturday, April 6th @ 8:30am

AS220 Dance Studio, Providence


is a Dance Company + Performance Lab + Preservation Society that works to shift the energetic center of the universe towards care, healing, justice and freedom. 

In the work we share, preserve and co-create with communities, we strive to embody ancestral liberation, healing and love in every step and every breath of our creative praxis. 

The Haus of Glitter Dance Company connects the individual human body to the collective human body. Our choreography aims to reach beyond the stage and into the streets; into our homes; into our institutions; into our hearts; and into the soil of the earth. The Haus of Glitter Dance Company works to preserve the histories, cultures and pedagogies of West African + Latin Diasporic Dance. Our Performance Lab is a multidisciplinary collaborative space where we create and produce original music performances, and multidisciplinary art for our performance season, our record label, and other creative projects.

The Haus of Glitter Preservation Society is an initiative that supports local, national, and international preservation, conservation and interpretive projects. Our mission is to preserve underrepresented lineages of dance, music, culture and other histories. We believe there are missing puzzle pieces to the systems + symptoms of oppression that we are still feeling and reinforcing. Our care-centered practice aims to invite deep feeling, healing, and liberation. We don’t just want to exist. We want to live. Change isn’t about forgetting. It’s about remembering.


With mixed emotions, we want to publicly announce that on Nov 1, 2022 we ended our residency + occupation in the former home of Esek Hopkins, commander of the slavery ship “Sally.” This sacrifice felt necessary to disentangle our housing from our activism and ensure that the conversation around the Esek Hopkins Homestead + Park would stay focused on the new plaque + next steps to transform this racist national historic site. 

While moving out of the park has been overwhelming, vulnerable, painful and full of grief, we remain grateful for our community for showering us with love, generosity, and creativity during our three years living in the park. We don’t know who we would be without the beautiful art we created together over the last three years and we could not be more proud. The park’s history and trajectory has been changed forever by our community’s creative historic intervention and we have been changed forever by this experience.

It feels liberating to no longer be living in the park and at the same time, we still feel incomplete. We plan to hold ceremony + ritual in early 2023 so that we can feel grounded in this transition and invite our community to step into a new chapter of advocacy, accountability, healing, creation and transformation with us. Until then, we intend to rest, reflect, recuperate, and focus on finding new housing + a safe space for our costumes, instruments, set pieces, technology, art supplies and of course, all of our glitter. As we put ourselves back together and figure out our next steps during this time of displacement, we ask for your thoughts, prayers, deep loving breaths and support. 

We have launched a platform to support The Haus of Glitter at When you sign up to make a monthly donation to our patreon, you are supporting our transition out of the park; our housing search; our Heal Esek Hopkins initiative; our activist dance opera; as well as our new chapter of creative justice practice. We need all the help we can get!

Here are some other ways you can support our glitter family during this time of need:

We know that this is a moment for us to break open; and we are more determined than ever to fight for this racist national monument, as well as the middle school and statue in Hopkins’ name, to be transformed. As artists, we are living and creating beyond what we could have dreamed of and we couldn’t be more grateful. We can’t wait to dance with you again.

With Love & Justice,

The Haus of Glitter